Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Week - Day 6

Today we finished the raised bed, made recycled plant markers & planted seeds. My husband also spread organic fertilizer on the lawn. Since we decided to do the raised garden, that took up time that I would have done other crafts. But I am much happier having made this raised garden, got a start on planting & made plant markers than if I would have done the homemade stickers and carton wallet, those are things I can do any time.

And tomorrow our plans change up to since my daughter is now spending the weekend with my in-laws and we will no longer be bringing her to Lowe's to build a bird feeder. I think I might hold off on the homemade granola bars because I really wanted to make that with/for her. So, I think I will get some more seedling started and anything else we do is weather dependent since it is supposed to be rainy.

It has been a good & productive Earth Week.

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