Friday, January 23, 2015

Pottery Candle Charger

I loved this pottery candle charger I made for a friend for Christmas so much that I had to make one for myself (as soon as I was done making Christmas presents). Although, the one I made for myself (I will share it another time) I used these leaf mold to put on the edges. I had never used them before and wanted to test them out.

To make the charger, I slab rolled out my clay and cut out the pattern and shaped it on my mold (aka: a plastic plate). Then it was glaze time. I was thrilled with how the glaze covered. I am still a novice when it comes to pottery and putting stuff in to be glazed still makes me nervous because I don't know enough about how all the glazes at the Art Center work to make sure I get the best coverage. I do have some plates I made with a print embossed that did not turn out the best because one glaze didn't cover enough and a different glaze covered too much. It's all trial and error, but one of my goals this year is to start a pottery journal to start documenting my notes so I can feel more confident about glazing.

I also glammed up the candle, which was just a simple 3-wick Partylite candle, but I bought some skeleton leave on Amazon (after 2 failed attempts to make my own) and slightly melted the wax with a heat gun to press the leaves in to place so that I could tie some raffia around it.


Jamie said...

How beautiful!! I love it when you can make your own with the style that you like and not have to worry about the ingredients, since you know what's in it!! Pinned it!

Mom Knows Best said...

You have talent when it come to clay. I love this for candles.

Susan said...

That's so pretty, and I appreciate your description of how you did it. DIY projects are great!