Saturday, February 26, 2022

Sweatshirt Hood Removal


It's been quite a while since I have shared anything on here.....

I was gifted this sweatshirt but never really liked it because the hood was so thick and heavy. It felt awkward to wear under a jacket with the hood down and if the hood was down it would choke at me because it was way down on my back.

So, I cut it away!

I first cutaway close to the seam that held the hood on. I thought I would start there because you can always cut away more but you can't add the fabric back.

I thought it was a weird collar placement that way, both not close enough to the neck and not far away from the neck.

Next I drew a chalk line that was a two finger width around the collar. Then folded the sweatshirt in half so that I would be making a symmetrical cut. 

I didn't like the look of a completely raw edge so I added a zigzag stitch around the perimeter of the collar. And that is the simple way I removed a hood from a sweatshirt.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Elf Sightings

Looks like I started creating this post in December 2020 but never added text or published it so I'm just going to go ahead and publish it now without adding text to each picture because I think each one pretty much speaks for itself.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Caramel Recipe

 This recipe was handed down to me from a friend who makes the most fabulous caramels. I needed to get it on the internet so that I easily can access it and not have to search my messages to find it. LoL ­čśé

Monday, November 23, 2020



The girl and I are not going to miss working out on Thanksgiving. We are signed up for a virtual Turkey Trot (actually, she is signed up to do a trilogy over Thanksgiving weekend and I only committed to doing one 5k) and we are adding in some core work, all in the form of various planks. We might not be able to laugh on Friday after this, but that's ok. We can still laugh, it just might hurt. LOL!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

December 2020 Holiday Calendar

 I just finished making this and wanted to share to help give others ideas of things to do to make this holiday season special. During this pandemic, so many things are not going to happen like kids concerts, live performances, sitting on Santa's lap (Cabela's is offering Santa visits through plexiglass) and other holiday parties. As I type this, in MN, we are back in quarantine mode and distance learning at school with no youth sports for the next 4 weeks. This year is hard, plain and simple. Many things are out of our control, but most of these items are done from the comfort of our own home. I hope these 25 days give you some ideas for fun and family bonding this upcoming holiday season.