Loom Knitting

Looking for Ideas for Loom Knitting or Straw Weaving, then check out the items that I have made:






Cheryl G said...

I learned a lot today. I didn't know what loom knitting was. I was surprised to see that you can make square items using a round loom (ie: washcloths). I think I could actually do this! Thanks for the introduction.

Unknown said...

I haven't tried loom knitting yet but I would like to learn. I crochet a lot of things though

Emma Clancy said...

Chloe, you’re so beautiful together with your outfit! The infinity scarf is really helpful during winter because it keeps us warm and especially if your scarf is just like you’re wearing.

Ethel Shields said...

Thanks for the very helpful link. This is one of the best sites that I visited, especially for the scarves. Knitting a scarf is really good, good project, best gift you can ever give to someone and for yourself. Glad to visit this site. Thank you very much!