Tuesday, September 21, 2010

#164 Make Fairy Wands

These were fun to make. We first collected 4 sticks (one for each in our family) of wand quality from the backyard. They we made a collection of leaves from different sources (maple tree, lilac bush & bean plants). We tied the stems of the leaves to the stick with some twine. Then we decorated the wands using markers. And finally sprinkled the wands with magic dust & sprinkles (see post #163.)

#163 Make Fairy Potions

My daughter is REALLY into fairies these days, so we will probably have a series on crafts & activities to do with fairies. This one is making magic fairy potions. Really the magic involved in this is her imagination.

One night I told her this would be the activity we would be doing the next day and she was to create recipes that night. So, she diligently got to work. Got out her notebook & markers and began drawing pictures of things we could find in the yard to add to each of the jars.

Then we used 4 jars I had been saving (to use for whatever) and filled them with water & a drop of food coloring, mixed in up with a stick and added items according to her recipe. She ran around the backyard collecting items and putting them in the jars just as she had drawn them.

The magic part comes in with sprinkles & dust. I told her I had magic sprinkles (raw sugar) and magic dust (wheat germ). She asked what the difference was and I told her, "They do pretty much the same thing - make things magical - it's just that some fairies like to use dust and other fairies like to use sprinkles." So, she made her choice with each recipe if it needed sprinkles or dust.

Oh! And she decided what each potion did. So, now we have potions that: make big bubbles, make big carrots, make fairies life-size, and make the leaves fall from the trees.