Monday, June 14, 2010

#149 Upcycle a Shirt into a Preppy Bib

The original idea to this was not mine; my inspiration came from lil Mop Top. I bought this shirt from a thirft store and am using an old terry handtowel as the backside. I also used the entire collar on my bib and added elastic on the backside so that as my son got older I could easily get it over his head. I am going to make him some more. They are very cute & I can make them big enough that he can continue to grow into it. It' hard to find decent large bibs for kids as they get older and now that my son is feeding himself finger food there is a lot more messes that those small bibs can't cover.

I decided to use elastic at the back because I dislike tie bibs and I dislike velcro bibs (which most tend to be) because they get stuck to everything in the wash & are easy for kids to pull off as they get older. I like bibs that you can pull over your head & snap bibs are ok too, but I don't have the tools to put snaps on (might be something I think about investing in some day.)