Saturday, April 27, 2019

Where Have I Been?

To be honest, I just don't have the time to post on the blog all the time. I am still active on social media.

If you want to see what I have making in the kitchen, then you should definitely follow my Save Green Being Green Facebook page.

If you want to see my travels, then following me in Instagram is your best bet.

Instagram is also the place where I share what I am up to at the gym or in my fitness classes.

I am no longer doing product reviews, so if you see me posting about a product it is because I want to. I did not receive it for free or at a discount. I paid for it and think other people might like to know about it. I still leave reviews on Amazon, but again, these are products I have paid for. I personally find the reviews helpful and want to offer the same courtesy to other people.

I'm a post on here from time to time, especially when I have recipes that I have made my own and don't want to forget what I did. Like this grain-free granola that is pictured above. It is currently in the oven as I blog right now, so when you see the final post it should be a browned granola.

Want to see pictures of my pets? Then head on over to Instagram for that one too.

Meal ideas? Head on over to Facebook for that one.

Looking for some ways to save money, head over to FB for that one too. In fact, that picture above is from one of my favorite birthday freebies.