Thursday, June 25, 2009

#27 Plant a Bush or Tree

Planting a tree has so many benefits to us and the earth. For starters, a plant/tree will release oxygen back into the air (yes! That stuff we need to breathe). A tree can provide an pleasing aesthetic view for you. An evergreen tree will provide protection for your home from wind and drifting snow and the less wind to reach your home in the winter the better your helping you have better control of your heating. A deciduous tree will provide shade for your home which will help to cool it. Any tree or bush planted near enough your central air compressor that it will provide shade for it will help your compressor to run more smoothly because it will not overheat in the sun.

Trees can help bring structure to your landscape and prevent runoff. Trees can help provide shade to you while you are outside or can become a natural barrier/fence. Trees can provide food & shelter to area wildlife that you can enjoy watching. Trees can provide entertainment for your children (to climb in, hang a swing from, etc.) Trees can provide a sound barrier from busy streets (or neighbors).

Plant a tree today!

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