Wednesday, October 21, 2009

#112 Repurposed Fabric Ghosts

My daughter thought we needed more Halloween decorations, so we made nine small ghosts using an old sheet that I would periodically rip rags off of, but still had a lot left. And a small ball of yarn leftover, and some permanent marker. I balled up fabric to make the head and wrapped the square around it and ties it with the leftover white yarn. My daughter cut the yarn and decorated half of the ghosts. Then we hung them on the front porch on small hooks that are there for hanging wind chimes or Christmas lights on.

She is pretty pleased with her porch of Halloween decorations. Right now we have a jack-o-lantern that we grew in our garden, and the window has window clings we received from someone on Freecycle, a spider craft (on the window sill) she made at a class of hers, and now the ghosts.

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