Monday, May 3, 2010

#148 Making Seed Packets

Well, I need to give out credit for the inspiration for this project, which comes from Vale Design. The part of this project that involved recycling & using up stuff is the the seed packets. I used a small paper bag that we got at an area store recently and some leftover double-stick tape. I used a seed packet I have as a template and created my own packets, with which we filled with Wildflower seed mix that we purchased. Making the packets was easy and my daughter helped pull the backing off the tape and press down the tape and fill the packets.

I also used the idea on there for the chalkboard pots (which I had to go out & purchase pots & chalkboard paint). My daughter also made some cards and together we made some coffee filter flowers. We will be giving her teacher and teacher's assistant these gift tomorrow for Teacher Appreciation Day.

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