Tuesday, July 27, 2010

#153 Making A Giant Bubble Maker

This is simple to do with items you probably just having laying around your house. All you need are some dowels, some eye screws, a washer and cotton string. If you don't have these items at home, you can purchase them for a minimal amount at your local hardware store.

I saw this idea on Frugal Family Fun Blog and she got the idea from Childhood Magic.

The only thing I noticed was that our rope twisted at the bottom, but it still creates the giant bubbles you see above. We purchases a big fancy plastic giant bubble wand from a rummage sale this spring and it's difficult to use. Once you try a couple times to make these bubbles it will be a cinch.

Another noteworthy thing is to make sure you have GOOD bubbles. A friend gave my daughter a huge container of store-bought bubbles as a gift and we tried using that at first and it was very frustrating. Then we made our own bubbles (much more economical, plus you can whip up a batch with things you have at home - that recipe will be the next post) and we made these wonderfully huge bubbles.


Ariella said...

So glad you enjoyed the bubbles! So much fun!!

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

I LOVE that you made these -- aren't they SO much FUN?? xoxo :-)