Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#183 Turn Boxes into Pony/Barbie Condos

I save my shoe boxes because they are good for so many things, including this time. Today, my daughter is using every empty shoe box in our possession as a condo for her ponies (she is in love with ponies!)

I lost my breath when I saw how much all those pony "locations" cost. So, I offered up our boxes and came prepared with duct tape to her room. We first laid out all the boxes on the floor so we could fit them appropriately and then I would tape them together two at a time, and then two bunches at time.

She has them all crammed in there, so we could probably use a few more boxes and make it a little taller. BTW - we do have it against her toy box to offer additional support.

Later today I will also be contributing a couple of magazines for her to search through and find images for her to glue on the boxes to furnish and accesorize her pony condos.

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