Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Try It Tuesday: Marker Tie Dye T-Shirt

We actually made this project a while ago, but I didn't want to share this part of the project until we had finished part two. Part 2 is that we added a skirt to the bottom of the t-shirt to make a dress and I will be sharing that tutorial with you later this month on Northern Cheapskate, so pay attention on Facebook and Google+, or Pinterest or Twitter and you will see the post when I share it.

This is what your shirt will look like before you wash it and color fast the marker dye. You often see this kind of image pinned on Pinterest with the bright colors that are all spread, but the reality is that after you wash it the colors are duller.

We started out with a bunch of permanent markers, a plain t-shirt, some cups, rubber bands, dropper (used to me to adminster medicine, but now are part of our at-home science kit) and rubbing alcohol.

Secure a section of the t-shirt around a cup with a rubber band. This will keep the marker from bleeding through to the other side and give some place for the rubbing alcohol to drip in to.

Begin making your marks and dots on the fabric. Think about colors that you would like to blend in to each other.

Next start making drop of rubbing alcohol until you have the desired look. The more alcohol you use the more the marks will spread.

This is a close up to see what it looks like when it starts spreading. Continue making designs and following these steps to create other sharpie tie-die areas on your garment.

Let the alcohol dry before washing. I didn't want the color to bleed through from the front side to the back side, so I hung a plastic bag on a hanger and hung the shirt on the hanger over that and the plastic bag provided a barrier.

In order to colorfast your dye, you simply just need to add 1C of vinegar to the washer when you first wash it. It's that simple.


Yona Williams said...

Oh coooolll...I am going to have to try this! I can see so many different possibilities. Pinned!

Helga said...

That came out really nice. Great idea!

Mom Knows Best said...

This looks so easy and not messy. I need to try this with my boys.

Jessica Peeling said...

Very cool, I used to love doing stuff like this! :)

Unknown said...

That came out great! Such a fun activity to do with the kids - especially during the summer once they start getting bored!

Julie said...

That looks so easy to do. I love that it is mess free. Going to do this with my kids this summer.

Unknown said...

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