Friday, June 19, 2015

#ad Review: Space Scouts Kids Subscription Service

Are your kids complaining of summer boredom yet?

Do you want to provide your children with continued learning this summer to help prevent summer slide?

Then you may want to check out Space Scouts Subscription Service, which is geared towards school-age children. They are the same company that also brought you Animals Trackers, which is a subscription program geared towards the preschool-age.

This top photo shows everything that is included in the 1st 2 MONTHS! I have the packages separated below so you can see what to expect each month. Each month will have some similar things (puzzle cards, constellation cards, and worksheets) that they can continue to collect and learn about new items each month.

This one is the first month. It includes our solar system map, a metal lunchbox for storing everything in neat;y and wiki stix to do an activity project with. The rest of the items are the ones I mentioned above that are similar each month.

I know this picture says you get it for $10 a week if you order by May 31st, but they still have that special pricing on their website.

The first month will arrive in a box because of the size of the lunch box, but after that you will get packages like this one filled with your items.

This is the second month. In addition to the similar items listed above, it also includes a claw grabber (for moon rock collection or just annoying your siblings), space scout magnets and plastic figurines of astronauts.

I had my kids share this package, which they have learned to do with minimal squabbles about who gets to do what. I think it helped that I got 2 months at once.

From what I can see by what they sent me in each package, I think the $10/week price tag is well worth the value of the items in them and the knowledge that they are acquiring. Also, my kids really enjoyed this program. Plus, I like to have a break from planning out projects and activities for them.

I was sent the above items to review on this blog. No monetary compensation was received. All thoughts, opinions and photographs belong to this blog.

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