Friday, April 22, 2016

Non-Traditional Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

 Earlier this month, I presented you with an idea to make a handprint golden pineapple craft for a child to do. This was a craft project that my son completed to give to his grandparents as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. My husband and I wanted to be creative in what we gave to his parents for their 50th wedding anniversary and we're trying to think of a variety of things that were non-traditional but still considered golden for the golden 50th wedding anniversary.

I thought there may be some other people out there who wanted to not just give a gold frame or some other kind of gold decoration and would like to see what ideas we had.

Those ideas include Bacardi Gold rum, gold gummy bears, Gold Toe socks, a golden frame, a golden helium balloon with a card that wished them well on their golden wedding anniversary, a painting of the Golden Gate Bridge in a gold frame that my daughter made for them, gold Hershey Kisses put in a handmade Pottery dish that I made, and everything was put into a gold gift bag.


zerry ht said...

These non-traditional golden 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas are too amazing. You have helped me a lot by sharing these ideas. My parent’s 50th anniversary is about to come and was thinking to host a grand party for them at one of Chicago venues. Thanks for this post.

Gifts Perpetual said...

That is so sweet and special! What a great idea.
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