Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Zollman Zoo

Heading to the Zollman Zoo in Byron is always a fun side trip for a larger day of fun. It is on to Rochester and is only three miles off of Highway 14. The zoo is filled with Minnesota animals that you normally wouldn't get to see up close in person. Or at least you hope you don't see most of them up close in person.

In March, when we went, some of the animals like the bear are still hibernating so we didn't get to see a few of the animals there. We did get to see the turkeys full of color this time and learned a lot about this being their mating season and what the males do to attract a female.

The zoo is free to go to but relies on donations. Most of the animals are outside and you do have to cross a dirt road running through the property to go see the bison and caribou and white-tailed deer which includes an albino deer. The rest of the animals are on the property by the building and inside the building they have some reptiles and fish.

We usually stay at the zoo for 60 to 90 minutes and it is part of a trip to Rochester or something else we are going to in that area we usually get here once a year and the kids enjoy it. Their favorite is typically the others but this time they were sleeping when we were there. They do have a sign up saying they are going to be making new enclosures that will house the American badger and prairie dogs. We missing the prairie dogs and are glad they will be coming back.

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