Tuesday, November 28, 2017

DIY Concert Shirts

I am so excited! We are seeing Katy Perry on Friday night. I haven't made my shirt yet, but I made matching shirts and jackets for my daughter and her friend (we gave her friend them for her birthday when her mom was surprising her with the tickets for her birthday).

This summer we went to see Shawn Mendes (made the girls the matching blue shirts) and Charlie Puth (made us moms the matching ATTENT!ON shirts) using my Silhouette machine. I think it is fun to have our own concert t-shirts that I can make in advance and we can wear there. Concert t-shirts are really expensive once you get there and it's not in my budget to pay that much for a shirt (I think the cheapest ones at Shawn Mendes were $35) as well as pay for the tickets AND parking AND concessions.

By now, you gave seen that I enjoying using the Heat Transfer vinyl and have made several items:

  • Teacher T-Shirts
  • Girls Beach Weekend Tanks
  • Road Trip Shirts
  • SWIM pants
  • Name Headbands
  • Llama-Corn Pillowcases
  • Pun Kitchen Towels (spoiler alert!)
And then there is the regular vinyl I have used in the Silhouette Machine:

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