Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#102 Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Gather your supplies:

* 2 toilet paper rolls
* colored electrical tape
* markers, stickers, anything to decorate with
* (optional) small pieces of plastic wrap & a few pieces of clear tape
* hole puncher
* leftover/excess string or yarn
These are super simple to make and will provide much more entertainment than you can imagine. If you want to put “glass” at the end of your binoculars, then tape down 2 small pieces of plastic wrap on the ends with some clear tape. Secure the 2 rolls together with colored electrical tape (you could use other types if tape, but we had this and I liked that it added color to the binoculars) by wrapping a long piece around both rolls. We did this in 2 spots (she chose different colors) to make sure they stayed together. Punch holes on the outside of the binoculars on the end where you will look through and tie string/yarn through these holes to make a strap. Decorate with markers, stickers, or whatever you have.
Let them explore!

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