Monday, September 14, 2009

#106 Recycled Placemat

This was a fun little craft project. We started out with the cardboard back to a used up tablet that was just going to be recycled, grabbed some magazines out of the recycling, some stickers (she really wanted to use sticker that day), some glue, scissors and clear contact paper.
My daughter & I cut different pictures out of magazines and she glued them on the cardboard and placed stickers on there as well. When we were finished I cut some clear contact paper out to size to place over both sides of the placemat to make it waterproof and then trimmed away the excess.
Finally, placed on top some other ideas of how you can reuse items for your child's kitchen supplies. First is a leftover milk jug from a McD's happy meal which she continues to use just as that - a milk jug - when she plays in her kitchen. Second is a box leftover from a pack of raisins, which I covered in clear contact paper to give it more stability (stop from being crushed so easily) and make it waterproof, but you could easily just use the box as is. And third is a little pie tin that was leftover from a minitaure pie we bought. Take a look at some of the items you might throw away or recycle from your kitchen. Some might be able to be cleaned up and used as toys for your children.

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