Monday, December 20, 2010

#169 & #170 MYO Fabric Gift Bags and Story Blocks

I made 3 different gift bags, two of which were stuffed with some other gifts. Gift bags are super easy to stitch up. I started by cutting out rectangular pieces of fabric. Straight stitched them with right sides together. Then folding over a hem at the top and stitching that closed, but leaving open a half inch so that I could string through ribbon. The ribbon is used to tie the bag shut. For the ribbon, I just used leftover stuff. The fabric was a new cut I had bought a while ago, but never used.

The third fabric bag I made I used fabric paint to write "Story Blocks" on it. The story blocks are a present for my daughter.

To make the story blocks, I simply bought a scrap piece of lumber at Menards (I found a scrap bin on the end of a row in the lumber department) and it was priced at 29 cents. Awesome! I was able to make this set of 6 story blocks (plus another set of 6 for a friend) and a set of 9 blocks for my son's puzzle blocks (to be posted soon).

I cut all the pieces so that they were square, sanded them, and then drew on pictures and words (thanks to my husband for helping me with sanding & drawing). The idea behind the story blocks is that she rolls them out of the bag and then has to tell me a story using all the words and pictures that are facing up.

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