Monday, December 20, 2010

#174 Rainbow Sprinkles in a Re-Purposed Jar

The original idea for this was not mine, I believe it came from Family Fun Magazine. What we did was sort out the 6 colors in a box of Fruit Loops into their own bowls (good sorting exercise for preschoolers). Then pour each color into their own bag. Then roll over each bag so that you crush the rings into sprinkles.
Then place a scoop of each in separate layers in each jar. We used old baby food jars (I had saved a bunch from the recycling when my son used to eat baby food, well, we still do some of the toddler chunks yet though.)
If you want to do this activity as a teaching opportunity, you can put them in the order of ROYGBIV (well, minus one either indigo or violet.)

And serve sprinkled on top of yogurt or ice cream. My daughter had a lot of fun making a bunch of these up to give to her friends as presents for Christmas (& one for herself, which she has been topping her yogurt with.)

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