Monday, October 31, 2011

My 100-Calorie Bowl of Spaghetti

I just want to start off saying that I was in no way compensated for this review and have no relationship with the manufacturers of the above products. I just wanted to share with you how I had a bowl full of spaghetti with sauce & cheese and was about 100 calories for the whole thing. 

I came across this product called Pasta Slim by Wildwood. It is in the refrigerator case in the organic food section. It is a product that is wheat & gluten free and only 20 calories per serving (the whole bag is 2 servings, which I think is a better 1 serving size). I bought the spaghetti version, but my store also carried the Spinach Fettuccine version as well. 

This literally takes minutes to make you whole meal as the noodles (made from tofu) are pre-cooked so all you are doing is heating the noodles & sauce up and sprinkling on cheese.

My sauce added on 40 calories for a 1/2C serving and the fat-free cheddar cheese added another 22.5 calories for 2T. Giving me a grand total of of 102.5 calories in the whole meal. 

My thoughts on the pasta (since that is really what is new to me) is that I love how quick it is and that it filled me up. The texture is a little rubbery and taste is bland, but once you add topping the blandness goes away. Another positive of the product is that the whole bag provides you with 6g of fiber and 12% of your DV for calcium. 

It cost $1.49 for the bag, which when I can spend close to the same amount and buy a box of pasta to feed the entire family it seems like a lot. But really it's not too bad. I would buy it again and have it around when I want to whip up a quick pasta meal or if I am trying to save calories for another meal or treat (and given today is Halloween, I'll need some extra calories for the candy I sneak from my children's trick-or-treat bags.) Next time I think I will add a few more calories and saute some zucchini, mushrooms & onions in there. Today I didn't have time for that and wanted to see what a 100-calorie bowl of pasta tasted like.

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