Saturday, December 31, 2011

FREE Redbox Rental

Staying in tonight? How about a FREE rental from Redbox when you reserve online for the first time? 

What I love about renting online through Redbox is that I KNOW the movie is reserved for me and will be at the machine. And if I am looking for a particular movie and it's not at my preferred Redbox I can search to see where it is, which is what I did today. The kids wanted "Cars 2" to watch with the babysitter and saw it wasn't at my preferred Redbox, I clicked the Nearby button and it told me where it was and now it is reserved and I actually have almost 36 hours to go pick it up.

So, anyways, give it a shot! And if you click the link I provided to get your rental for free, I get one too just for referring you. So, Thanks!

And if you have not noticed, if you rent from machine directly they charge you $1.20. If you reserve it online the rental fee is still only $1 for the first night.

While you are there, sign up for their Redbox Text Club (if you have 1 text a month to spare) and they will send you a text some time during the month to get you a free rental.

Frequently, they also run promotions (like the recent one for 12 Days of Deals & Prizes that was held before Chritsmas) where you can send them a text and they text you back a code (or some other prize, but mostly just codes for money off your rental.) I had helped promote the 12 Days of Deals & Prizes earlier in December through Smiley360.

Don't forget to Like Redbox on Facebook to find out firsthand about their promotions!

And while you are at it, Sign up for Smiley360 and then you can try out & help promote great companies at no cost to you. The Redbox "mission" was my first one, but I did just get accepted for a second "mission" and get a free full-size product to try out.

This post does contain affiliate links that come at no cost to the reader. 

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