Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making Handmade Cat Toys

These will be gifts from the big guy! Santa Claus! I don't know why, but he always brings the cats a little something. Why he bring them and the kids stuff, I don't know either because all that any of them want is the paper (kids and cats), boxes (kids and cats) and tape (cats). I should just make a long strand of tape that has been fold sticky sides in for the cats to chew on. There is something about tape and it's texture and crinkliness that make them just want to toss it around a room and chew on it. But I didn't do that this time. I made them stuffed catnip mice.

To start with I just cut pieces of felt in to 3 triangles of the same size. I made the triangles 1/4" bigger on all sides than I wanted the mice to be to allow for a 1/4" seam allowance.

Then I cut a fourth triangle that would be the behind of the mouse. I made it equal on all sides using the bottom of the 3 triangles as the initial measurement and adding 1/4" on each side for a seam allowance.

Next up was stitching. To the first side I stitched the bottom on as well as the second side. Then I stitched the third side the second side, the third side to the second side, and finally the bottom to the third side.

You will still have a bottom side not stitched to the second side. You will hand stitch this closed after you turn right sides out and stuff it.

After you turn your mouse so the right sides are facing out, you can make some eye using some yarn. I cut a piece that was about 8" long.

Thread yarn on to a needle. Tie a knot in the end of the yarn. Push the needle through from the inside in the location where you want your first eye. Tie a knot in the yarn, close to the felt, to create a raised eye. Then bring the yarn back through to the inside. Next come back through from the inside to the outside in the location where you want the second eye, tie a knot on the outside and bring yarn back through the inside. Remove the needle and let the string hang out the back end of the mouse; this will create it's tail.

I bought some organic catnip to stuff inside with some batting, but you could also stick a bell in there. Cats love to chance things with a bell sound.

Stuff the inside of the mouse with some batting and either catnip or a bell. If you wanted to go really crazy I suppose you could do both catnip a a bell.  :)

Then fold your seams in and hand stitch close. The thread will sink in to the felt, so your seam will be barely noticeable. As you will notice in the finished mice above I tried making them in 2 different directions, you be the judge at which way you like it. Then just trim you tail to the length you prefer.

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