Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

How many readers are on Pinterest? Now, how many of you have actually made something you pinned/read the book/did the idea/etc.? I have currently 287 things pinned, pretty much all projects. And that number is not going to go down too quickly. In fact, the number goes up faster than it will go down.

Pinterest is a fun way to share ideas and thoughts (in a viral kind of way) that wouldn't get much exposure in other social media outlets.Please check out my board for Save Green Being Green.

The original idea for this project came from something pinned on Pinterest. It can be fun to work from an inspiration piece and make it your own. This was button tree project that inspired this project.

What I do like about Pinterest is that I no longer have a clutter of bookmarks of projects and I can quickly find the project I want by seeing the picture, rather than sifting through my bookmark names.

I am excited to make more items from ideas found on this unique website and share ideas I present on my blog with everyone in the Pinterest community.

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