Monday, February 13, 2012

Playdate Theme: Valentine's Day

When I plan out a themed playdate, I try to fill in these four main areas: Craft, Activity, Books and Snack.

Valentine's Theme Playdate
Craft - Valentine Candle Holders, Homemade Valentines
Books - The Day It Rained Heart, Big Pig Saves Valentine's Day, and Dora's Valentine Adventure
Snack - Red Velvet cookies, hot cocoa w heart cool whip
Activity -  Cardboard Box/Tube Mailbox (put valentine’s in and take out)

Our first craft was to make red, pink and white decoupaged baby food jars to use as candle holders. I can think of nothing more fun on Valentine's Day than eating our heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's by candlelight that the kids made.

Our other craft was to make simple valentine's using supplies from the dollar store: 2 different sizes/colors of doily heart and foam stickers and some markers as well.

As you can tell from the picture above, my son was very proud of the valentines he made.

Here are the three books I had available to read. We had been reading them the week before to my son, so I knew he would be interested in them when I read then that day.

We had fun reading them over the past week. When we read Big Pig Saves Valentine's Day,he laughs whenever the little brother makes a mess. Oh boy!

Our snack consisted of these pretty AND tasty Red Velvet Cookies. Aren't they just perfect for valentine's day. My son was very into helping me pour the ingredients in to the mixer for these and then licking the beater. We also had mugs of hot cocoa with heart shaped whipped topping floating on top.

And finally, one of the activities I planned to go along with our Valentine theme was to allow the kids to play with a mailbox and they could put their valentines in & out of the mailbox. The tutorial on how to make this will come in a few days.

I am planning our next themed playdate to occur on March 2nd with dual reasons: the birthday of Dr. Suess and Read Across America day. Have you pledged to participate in Read Across America Day? The book we will be reading is the Lorax (such a great book to help teach kids about protecting and valuing our natural resources) and you can pledge to read to just your own kids or a group.


Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

awww yayyyy!!! so glad you made them! <3 Happy early valentines day love!!! xoxo

Annie said...

This is such a wonderful party theme! I love that you paired books with it.

Julie/@justprecious said...

What a fun playdate! Thanks for linking up!

joshua54 said...

Such a superb way of celebrating valentine’s day! Truly loved it and will surely going to use it for my party that I will have with my 4-year-old nephew. He is going to Phoenix pre-k these days and sure will love it.