Friday, June 7, 2013

Pottery Time: Bowls, Platters and Dishes

These are just a few that I have done recently. All of them I was experimenting with different types of techniques and glazes and all of them are made by slab rolling and hand building.

The top one I made by doing a variety of cutouts with different prints on them and then pressing them together in a small dish with short sides. I was thinking I might use this dish to give as a hostess present with homemade candies on top. I would try this one again, but I think I would make even more cutouts to make the sides more defined.

Another candy dish? Well, that is what I gave it to my husband as. I had done an imprint with a branch from our front yard, but the glaze filled in to much. I do like the wavy edges on this and would make it again, but I think I would hand paint on underglaze and then glaze over all in a clear.

I gave this bowl as a gift to a friend for her birthday. I was testing to see how these glazes worked together with the print I made on this bowl. I have made this bowl a few times with the curves a bit different each time.


Elizabeth said...

These are really beautiful! I used to do pottery years ago and would enjoy getting back into it as a hobby. There's something so satisfying and calming about working with your hands and producing something you can use or give as a gift.

Lori R said...

Beautiful. I wish I had some artistic talent, but alas.....none!

Jenn Hiles said...

These are beautiful. I took a pottery class in college and absolutely loved it! I wish I had the materials to knowledge to continue. It was so long ago though!

Anonymous said...

Theres are really nice.