Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Try-It Tuesday: Massage T-Shirt for Dad

Father's Day is upon us and how will you and your kids so Dad just how much he is loved. It doesn't need top be gifts, but if it is, how about a homemade gift that is both a shirt and a massage. And better yet! Have the kids make it as well as do the massaging.

I first had my daughter draw out on a piece of paper what her preliminary plans were for a massage t-shirt so that we could plan it out space-wise on the t-shirt and have it look more organized.

Be sure to put some cardboard inside the t-shirt when you are creating it to keep it from bleeding through (if you use permanent or fabric markers) or from paint seeping through and "gluing" the sides together (if using fabric paint.) It works best if the t-shirt has to stretch on the cardboard so that it doesn't pull when you are trying to draw.
We used a combination of fabric paint and permanent markers, mainly because we didn't have as wide of a selection of colors of fabric paint, so we used permanent markers for the other colors we wanted to use. My daughter pretty did most of this on her own. I did make the figure 8 road.

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Colleen said...

This is a great idea to encourage Dad & kids play time with a nice relaxing massage for a hardworking Dad. Fun, too! Thanks for sharing!