Sunday, March 30, 2014

Clean Eating Recipes from Pinterest

I made these Cabbage Rolls from Seeded at the Table. My exception to the recipe is that I made it with ground turkey instead and I did use brown rice.

I was very excited to try this Clean Cookie Dough recipe from He and She Eat Clean. I have seen recipes that use garbanzo beans, these do NOT. I have not tried the variety with garbanzo beans, but sometimes I just don't want too many beans, if you catch my drift. :) This is so tasty. The picture was take right after I took it from the food processor. I let it soak up a bit in the fridge before I made individual freezer cookies. Also, I did put almond extract (I love that stuff!) for half of the vanilla.

This Pumpkin Custard recipe from Clean Eating Magazine was delicious and is like a custard pumpkin pie without the crust. I would make this one again in a heartbeat!


Anonymous said...

I love cabbage but have never had a cabbage roll before. I have to try this.

Michelle F.

Mommy Pehpot said...

I want to try the custard :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

that looks really delicious and I love cabbage too :-) You make me drool :-)

Julie said...

I just started clean eating. Thanks for sharing these ones you liked.