Thursday, November 6, 2014

Terror Trot 5k Re-Cap

This race was a somewhat spontaneous race that I signed up for. My daughter had told me that she wanted to run another race with me (we ran the Zombie Run together in May) and this race came up and I thought it would be a fun one to do with her. We literally decided about a week and a half before the race to sign up for it and only decided on our costume just a few days after signing up.

We dressed as Elsa and Olaf of Frozen. I really wanted to wear my white long-sleeve running top and she had the makings for an Elsa costume thanks to my MIL making her the dress and cape over the last couple years, before Frozen even came out. I bought her a wig that we braided and leggings and a crown.

I wore my long sleeve white running top and  put on some pieces of stick on velcro with cut out felt black circles on it. The Olaf hat was my own loom knitting creation that I will be sharing with you how to make in a couple weeks.

Here are our races numbers. This race was a great race to do with my daughter. The course was mostly flat and was around the beautiful Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It is not a hugely attended race, probably because there is other Halloween races in the state and Twin Cities including the HUGE Monster Dash, which I ran a half marathon at last year. It was a really great race that I would totally run again, in fact, my daughter has already asked me if we could run this race again next year.

Here we are with our medals. She is very proud of earning this medal. It is the furthest she has ever run since the zombie run was a 3K and this was 5K. I am very proud of her too! I am even more excited that she has caught the race bug and wants to do more with me. We are already starting planning for a couple races next summer!

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