Friday, November 28, 2014

No Cost Wreath Design

Are you looking to decorate for the holidays but don't have a big budget for decorations?

Try looking in your own backyard and garden to create your own holiday wreath without spending any money.

Do you use chicken wire around your garden to keep out animals? Well, chicken wire bends easily and can be formed in to a wreath shape easily. Also, the great thing about chicken wire is that it has these awesome holes to shove in evergreen pieces, which is what I did. I just looked to the yard to find trimmings that I could use to make an evergreen wreath that now hangs outside the garden shed at the cabin.

I spent no money to make this beautiful wreath. What can you make just by looking around to see what you already have?


Unknown said...

This is sooo neat. Thank you because wreaths have gotten super expensive

mryjhnsn said...

How creative and wonderful! I love the smell of fresh pine.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful inexpensive way to make a wreath! I really love this!

Christy G said...

I wish I had the resources around me
I would love to live closer to the mountains.