Friday, January 9, 2015

How To Perfectly Broil Steak & Review of Sir Lancelot Meat Thermometer #ad

Broiling a steak doesn't have to be intimidating. First you need either a broiling pan (many oven come with them) or another sturdy flat pan that can withstand high temperatures. Move your top rack so that the meat will be abut 4" from the heating unit on top. Preheat your own to the broil setting. Place your steak on broiler pan and place on the top rack (that you have moved, remember to move back later because you don't want to bake on that level). Broil for 7-8 minutes then flip. Broil for another 7-8 minutes then take the temperature. I used a Kitchen Knight Sir Lancelot Meat Thermometer.

The temperature should read 145 degrees for medium rare meat and 160 degrees for medium well steak. Check the temperatures in a couple spots because if the thickness of the steak varies, so will the temperature. If the desired temperature has not been reached, continue to flip and broil for 3 minutes at a time until you have reached the temperature you need.

If you are serving different levels of doneness, you may need to cut off pieces and return it to the broiler to continue cooking longer.

My Thoughts

I really like this Kitchen Knight Sir Lancelot Digital Meat Thermometer. It only takes a few seconds to read the temperature of my steak and automatically powers off. I dislike when one has a switch to turn off because I have forgotten about it and then my battery dies, but battery will last much longer since this one has auto shut-off. I do like that it has a tip protective case to slip on the tip. I don't know how many times I have stabbed myself putting my hand in to a drawer that a cooking thermometer is in that didn't have one.

Also, I really like that it has such a large read of temperatures. I plan to use this when I conduct cold science experiments with the kids. I have a non-digital one but it can't read as low as we needed it to and so we can't accurately make our measurements, but with this one we can.

Product Description from Kitchen Knight

ツ The Sir Lancelot has a large, easy to read Digital Display with Big Clear numerals and equally large buttons to fit even a Big Man's Fingers; a hold button and auto power off. Wide temperature range (-58°F to 662°F) or (-50°C to 350°C), Accuracy: ±1°c at -20 to 200°c. Ideal for making candy or deep fat frying. These are absolute "Must Have" features for serious chefs.
ツ The five beautiful Recipe Ebooks free for you to keep with over 1,200 super-tasty recipes are: (1). 300 Chicken Recipes (2). 300 Recipes for the Grill (3). 470 Crockpot Recipes (4) Cooking with Ground Beef (5). Thanksgiving Recipes. No respectable cook should be without them!
ツ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: As soon as you get the Sir Lancelot in your hands you will instantly see and feel its unrivalled quality, just as we did. Of course, It comes with our Famous ★'No Questions Asked, Lifetime, Full Money Back' Guarantee! ★ If you are unhappy for any reason with our thermometer we will gladly refund your money no questions asked!

I was sent the above product for the purpose of review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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tara pittman said...

I love my kitchen thermometer for making yogurt. Makes things so much faster.