Friday, January 2, 2015

Toilet Paper Snowman Decoration

This is a fun and easy decorative project you can do for little or NO COST! You just need 3 rolls of toilet paper. Unroll them a bit so that you are only drawing on a single sheet on each roll. Then roll back up. I put a drop of glue at the back to hold the lose toilet paper in place. I just used whatever markers I could find, it didn't really matter.

The sticks are just placed between the top to rolls; nothing is holding them in place except the weight of the top roll. Then we just wrapped a finger knit scarf that my daughter made around the snow man. You can learn how to finger knit too! She will probably use the scarf for a doll or stuffed animal later on, but she had used leftover yarn I had to make this scarf.

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Jamie Tomkins said...

How cute - a great way to decorate in the guest bathroom for the holidays. Love it!