Monday, October 19, 2015

Brain Treats

This is super fun and simple to make. We made TWO big brains (as pictured with my kids holding them) from one Rice Krispies recipe. I used some pink marshmallows I found, but you could always add some red food coloring to make the pink color. Then I just used red icing to draw on the dendrites in the brain. I gave each of my kids half of the rice krispie treat mixture and allowed them to do the shaping on their own.

We did this fun treat project as part of a Plants vs,. Zombies theme week we did at home this summer, but I think this would be a fun treat to have out for a Halloween party.

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Stacey Werner said...

This is awesome! My niece would love this idea. I take care of her after school, we are going to have to do this before Halloween.