Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun Halloween 2L Pop Bottles - EASY TO DO!!!!

So, tomorrow night we are hosting a Halloween party. We have some "spirits" planned for the adults, but we needed to have some pop for the kids. The kids are all under 12 and we want them to go to bed after the party, so we went for caffiene-free varieties of Sprite, Orange Crush and Grape Crush because we came up with some awesome ideas on how to make different Halloween spooks with those colors.

The faces on these are from 2 different jack-o-lantern decoration kits from Dollar Tree, but we used them on pop bottles instead. One kind is just stickers, the other one (witch) was felt pieces that I had to glue on. Then I just used this old witch hat decoration on it and cut out wings for a bat and glued them on. Simple and cheap! But so fun to look at!

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