Thursday, May 5, 2016

125 Miles Challenge from the Minnesota DNR

I just love the idea of this and am participating!!! In honor of the 125th Anniversary of Minnesota State Parks and Trails, they are hosting a 125 Miles By Bike, Boot or Boat Challenge.

It's a challenge, not a race. The goal is to finish 125 miles during 2016. The catch is that you are supposed to log these miles at a state park, state recreation area, state forest, state trail or state water trail. This is totally do-able!!!!

When you finish and turn in your log sheets you will get your free finishers sticker. Each person does this. Wouldn't this be an awesome goal to finish with your family this summer and each of you can get a sticker!

I have already done some hiking this year with my family on the trails at the Cuyuna Country State Recreation area and we plan to bike it this summer and fall, so we should rack up some good miles there. Also, I sometimes will bike and run on the Sakatah State trails with friends and family. I probably won't rack up a ton of miles by boat, but I usually get my kayak out a couple times at a state park and the kids like to go paddle boarding every summer to at a state park (state parks have the best rental price for paddle boards!)

Print Off Your Logs Today!

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