Thursday, August 4, 2016

Apple Print Kitchen Hand Towel & Loom Knit Towel Holder Instructions

My kids made these for their great grandparents. I like to have my kids make gifts whenever possible so that they are thinking about those special people in their lives.

I bought these very large kitchen towels from Fleet Farm. I had them print (stamp) on only one side that would be hanging out. We picked out 3 different fall colors in acrylic paint and then stamped with apple halves and wine corks (to add a different size and more interest).

I made the loom knit towel holder by casting on 6 pegs on a straight loom for 20 rows and casting off at the end.I doubled up my yarn to make it thicker and more sturdy. A button pretty easily slips through the stitches, so I just tied on in to place where I wanted it and put it through the stitches. To make the loop I used the Clover Wonder Knitter to make the length of looped I wanted. When I was done, I stitched the ends together to make the circle and then I hand sewed the loop to the hanger piece using yarn. I had previously used the Clover Wonder Knitter to make this Skinny Looped Infinity Scarf.

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