Friday, September 16, 2016

Days 10-16 of #NamasteStrong Yoga Challenge

Wow what a week this has been. Such a combination of poses that are relatively easy for me to do and one that I completely failed on. And one post that I had no idea that I could even do which is the flying lizard pose and is the top right picture and the top collage.

 Here we have the elevated Lotus pose which I have done before but isn't very easy for me and I can't get my legs up too high. And then the other post was something I have never tried before and will have to continue to work on but at least this is a start.

And finally here is suppose I just couldn't do it is called Firefly pose. I think there is a lot more work that I am going to have to do to get into this one. They can't all be easy and it wouldn't be called a yoga practice if you didn't have to practice some things.

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