Friday, September 23, 2016

Days 17-23 of #NamasteStrong Yoga Challenge

This week has been full of surprises and some not so much surprises. This top post is of the first 5 days of the challenge.

Day 17 was baby crow. This I had a feeling I could do and was successful. But for this one I had fun trying out the app Prisma and made a more artistic picture on Instagram. Day 18 I took the kids up to the park and while they were playing I was trying to do flying Crow pose. I worked up quite a sweat and had to try this many times before I got to holding it up for three seconds. Need to work more on this one. Day 19 was a very humbling experience. I knew I probably would not be able to do that pose which is baby Firefly because in a previous post we had to do regular Firefly and I fell on my butt every time and was not very successful. This one I couldn't do it all. I found that my forearms would barely skim the ground and wasn't able to lift my body up into the pose mostly in part due to tight hamstrings and not strong enough for.

But on day 20 I was able to bounce back and do a tripod headstand. I have done them before and knew this one I could get in easily and hold the pose for a long time. It helps to do it outside because it doesn't hurt my head because the ground is soft.

Day 21 was the Flying splits. I had never done this post before but I followed the instructions that one of the hosts gave. She said that she gets into the pose differently than most people do. I am not sure how other people get into the post but I found these instructions relatively easy to follow and was successful. My only limitation is my tight hamstrings which prevent my legs from getting fully straight.