Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Faribault Archery Club

Did you know there are programs out there where your child can be taught archery? They may even provide the necessary equipment, like the Faribault Archery Club does. My daughter started out taking weekly lessons several years ago at a different club, but then a friend told us about this one and they lesson have a longer duration and are on a drop-in basis so we didn't need to worry about committing to a weekly lesson if we had other things to do, and this we sure do between cheerleading, swim, cabin time and other obligations.

Archery is something that may be available as a club or sport in some schools like they are around here. Kids can even participate in Regional shooting tournaments and move on from there. Archery might be an interest a kid might have and not even know they could be good at. The Fariabult Archery Club offer a Kids Shooting Event every Saturday, January - March. There is no need to commit to going to a set number of lessons. They could come every week or just once. Also, once every month they have a 3D shoot (3D animals, not paper targets) that they can shoot at on Saturday or come later on Saturday or on Sunday to shoot their first round for free (adults do have to pay).

There are even some 4-H organizations that will teach your children archery. It's worth checking out if there is a club, 4-H or school that teachs archery to kids. Who knows, they could be the next Katniss Everdeen!

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