Friday, January 27, 2017

Review: Scrape-A-Round Complete System

We have had a few opportunities now to try out and review the Scrape -A- Round. Scraping off ice from your windshield and windows on your vehicle is always a tedious task. We often are parked inside the garage and don't need to worry about that unless we have gone somewhere and are parked outside. In those instances we have had the opportunity to try this out, plus we had a pretty warm January.

I was sent the complete I scraping system which cells for $18 for the three pack. The blue and the red are virtually the same type of scraper. They are the larger at the scrapers and have an attachment that goes on the top to help chip or scrape away tougher ice. The green ice scraper is actually two ice scrapers in one. The larger end of the green scraper is smaller than the blue and the red but the top of that one removes and has a smaller Scraper on it.

My husband said he really liked how it covered a larger area at one time and seem to remove quicker doing a circular motion than the standard ice creepers that you go back and forth in a narrow strip. The one time we had an issue trying to scrape off was when we had a very thick layer of ice on our vehicle but I don't think any scraper could have really scrape that off where we ended up running the vehicle with the heat on high to help loosen the ice and then used the scraper to scrape the ice off.

You can purchase this on their website, Scrape-A-Round.

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