Friday, December 1, 2017

Winter Fitness: Cross Country Skiing

Ok, so this picture is about a year old and I never got around to sharing it until now. Well, I was ready to share it earlier but who wants to look at pictures of Cross Country Skiing in the summer.

I just want to encourage everyone to think about trying it out. It is a great cardiovascular workout that is low impact on your joints. My daughter was so excited to go with me. I own my own skiis, boots and poles but we do have a place near us that they can be rented. However, I kept my eyes open and found a pair of boots and skiis at a thrift store that ended up costing me half of what a rental price. Score! The poles are a pair of hiking poles we own that have attachments to convert them to use in snow. She has already grown out of them, but my son can still use them and I will keep my eyes open to pick up another set for her so we can go again, but if I don't find any then we will just rent some.

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