Monday, August 17, 2009

#86 Reuse Business Magnets

This is one of my favorite ideas to share & pass on. It's so simple and those business magnets are plentiful. It seems like all sorts of businesses create these magnets as a cheap way to provide you with some sort of “freebie” that will advertise their business. I keep a few of them because they are businesses I patronize and I like to have their phone number & hours of business handy, but most are useless to me. So, what I do with them in cut them into smaller pieces and glue them to back of crafts or pieces of artwork my daughter does. Usually a whole magnet is excessive, so cutting it up into 3-4 pieces works well to attach to the back of a piece of paper artwork. And the magnet works stronger when it doesn't have to go through the paper (hence needing a smaller magnet surface area). And when you are done displaying the art/craft you can always take it off and glue to another item

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