Monday, December 7, 2009

#114-#116 Stationary Crafts

We have a little bit of everything with this project that my daughter & I worked on. We created these as Christmas presents for the staff in her preschool classroom.

Notebook: This is a composition notebook (bought on sale during back to school sales). It is important to buy something that you can wrap the fabric around in one piece. We used fabric that was all leftover from other project (chair upholstery, xmas stocking, & window swag) and stringed pearly beads (which were leftover as well). We simply applied glue to the front & back of the notebook and then applied the fabric. After it was dry, the fabric was trimmed to make clean edges. The beads were then applied with hot glue.

Pen Holder: We started out with a tin can, which we thorough cleaned. Then we applied spray adhesive to the fabric (same fabric to make a matching set) and rolled the can over the fabric, flush with the bottom edge, then folded the top edge to the inside of the can (about an inch). Then with hot glue we applied ribbon, beads & lace that we were leftover from other projects.

Flower Pens: This we started out with some pens that were bought during the back to school sales. We then used some reused flowers that we found at a rummage sale and bought some green floral tape. After we removed the end of the pen, we put a flower in the end, then attached the leaves with floral tape, which we extended down the pen to make it look like a stem.

This was a fun project to do with my daughter. I operated the hot glue gun, spray adhesive, scissors & floral tape. She applied the craft glue, applied trim & flowers to hot glue. Together we wrapped the cans & notebooks in fabric.

She also did the stamping on card stock to make little cards to go with her gifts. I let her pick out among all the stamps we had to make her cards. I have not bought any new stamps in several years, they are just ones I accumulated over a few years of projects. So, it was a great way to continue using what we have.

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