Saturday, December 19, 2009

#117 - #118 Using What You Have To Make Gifts

Sometimes being green means using what you have rather than purchasing something new. I made up this princess cone hat and magic wand as Christmas presents for my daughter out of all items I already owned.

I did re-purpose 2 metal frozen juice lids to make the top of the magic wand. But everything else you see is leftover crafting & sewing supplies from various & assorted projects.

I had planned to make this hat with a couple friends so that we could all give them as gifts to our daughters, but for personal reasons they were unable to come over the other night, but rather than have their daughters miss out on getting this fun dress-up hat, I had the supplies and made them each one. They happen to have birthdays coming up in the next month, so now my daughter has a fun, frugal & green gift to give her friends (she just doesn't know it yet, since she will get her own on Christmas Eve.)

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