Thursday, December 24, 2009

#119 - #121 Recycled Sweater Crafts

Ok, somewhere I have a picture of the original sweater that most of these were made from. I made mittens for my daughter & son and my daughter's dolly, a pillow (stuffed with extra sweater pieces) for dolly, and leg warmers. I also used the remaining pieces of fleece that I used to make my son's blanket & pillow to make a blanket for my daughter's dolly.

I do plan to try more crafts where I re-purpose a sweater, as my husband has one that has a hole in it that is no longer fit to be worn. But I have to admit that these were a lot more time-consuming to make than what I thought they would be because of the sweater I chose to re-purpose. In the future I will use one that is either a wool or cashmere (I have one with a ripped seem that cannot be repaired) and a tighter weave (like the one from the hubby.)

The loose weave of this sweater and the multiple colors and especially the periodic sequins & beads used, proved to make it much more difficult to stitch. I kept breaking the thread when the needle would go through a sequin and the loose weave & multiple colored design made there be too many loose strands to get caught and made it not push through the machine as easy.

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