Sunday, April 10, 2011

#186 Make a Fabric Rosette Headband

I had lots of leftover fabric from making my daughter's Easter dress because there were limited ways I could lay the pattern pieces so that that pattern created by the stitching on the fabric would line up properly. So, I am going to need to come up with some ideas of things to make to use up the excess fabric. One of these things is a rosette headband.

First thing I did was take a leftover whipped topping cover and cut around that circle to create a while fabric circle. Next I cut a spiral from the outside of the circle to the inside. Finally I twisted the fabric together starting from the outside of the spiral working to the center of the spiral. Then I hot glued the bottom to keep all the layers in place. Now you have a completed rosette.

To attach the rosette to the headband I first used hot glue to adhere the rosettes to a piece of matching felt. Then I cut around the base of the rosette, removing the excess felt. Finally, I applied hot glue to the location on the headband that I wanted the rosettes. And that's it! Super simple to make and makes and elegant statement.

If you liked the idea on how to make this pretty headband, be sure to check Northern Cheapskate later this month when I will guest blog about how to make a Boutique-style Flower Headband.

And if you were interested in seeing it, this is the dress that I made my daughter for Easter. I can't wait to see her in it with her matching headband.

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