Saturday, April 23, 2011

#191 Make a Simple Skirt from a Sheet

This is my daughter's tie-dye skirt I mentioned in the Pennant Post. Creating this skirt is so simple. The measurements I provide here will work for a sz. 6 skirt.

* Cut a rectangle of fabric that is 17"x34" and cut 13.5" piece of 1" elastic

* Stitch the two short sides together (right sides in if your fabric has a right side)

* Fold over half inch on the wrong side & iron along top of skirt
* Fold over once more, but this time 1.5". Stitch around the bottom of this fold, leaving a 1" opening to insert and string through the elastic.

* String through elastic using a safety pin as a guide. Also, be sure to pin the other end so that you don't pull the elastic all the way through.

* Sew the ends of the elastic together to create an elastic loop inside the skirt.

* Stitch the opening you had left.

* Move the fabric so that the cinching looks even all around waist.

* Fold over the bottom hem 1/2" and iron.

* Fold over the bottom hem another 1/2" so that the raw edge is inside and iron.

* Stitch the hem. I chose to use a dark red color & a zig-zag stitch to add some texture & color to the skirt.
* Then to "tie-dye" it, draw on the fabric with permanent marker. Be sure to put cardboard underneath it because the marker will bleed through the fabric. Put rubbing alcohol over the marker to make it spread and create a tie-dye effect.

This is her finished product and it has been washed since creating it and the marker does not bleed any more after the rubbing alcohol has dried.

My daughter loves to wear dresses & skirts and she loved this project. She requested that I make her a dress that she can color too. So, that will be my next project in using up a queen size flat sheet.

So far, I have made a Snowman Dress, 4 pennants, and a skirt out of 1 queen size flat sheet. I have 2 dresses cut out already and still a lot more fabric. I plan to cut out another couple skirts (if I have enough) so we can do some other dying with them.

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