Monday, April 18, 2011

#188 How to Remove Stickers from Window/Wall/Floor

We've had a couple of incidences where my daughter thought it was a good idea to put stickers on the window and on the tile floor. She used the foam stickers and boy, they sure do stick good. I really should be embarrassed to say that she did this almost a year ago and I am just now getting them off.

As you can see, I tried to remove them as much as possible by scraping and pulling and I even used a natural spray (not a homemade kind) to help, but I was left with this mess.

So, as I was thinking about what new type of cleaning project or technique I wanted to try for Earth Week, I thought I would try out a new technique for window cleaning (which will come later this week) and went in search for which was the grimest window to try it out on and saw the stickers and thought I should look for a natural way to remove those without having to resort to Goo Gone.

It was simple enough to do, but because of the foam sticker part I had to do it in a couple steps. I think a paper sticker would be removed much more quickly.

All you do is spray down the area with vinegar. I chose to use my kitchen sink spray that I have lemon essential oil in because that was already made up and I didn't have another spray bottle available to use. My kitchen sink spray is straight vinegar and lemon essential oil (this helps cut the grease) and I use it straight because it helps more efficiently with hard water spots & build-up. But you don't need the essential oil to do this project, just straight vinegar will do the trick.

So, I first saturated the stickers & surrounding area and let it soak for about 8 minutes, then I scraped off the layer of foam pretty easily with a plastic cover I cut in half. I think it would be a more efficient & quicker process if I had used a razor blade. Then I saturated the sticker residue and left that sit for about 8 minutes (Why 8? Because I was getting impatient and wanted to try it out.)
Then I took my plastic lid halves and scraped off the rest of the residue and NO MORE STICKERS! So, I am very pleased with that result and that I did not have to resort to using any type of chemical product.


Tiffany Baker said...

Oh thank YOU!!! My day care kids put about 100 foam stickers on my window and at the time they went on and off easily. Later I tried to remove one and OMG!!!! TOTALLY STUCK!!! Hubby will FREAK!!! I'm going to try the vinegar RIGHT NOW!!!!

Anzedzer said...

Would this work for wooden floors?

Anzedzer said...

Would this work for wooden floors?

Pallavi said...

Thank you so much for the vinegar tip