Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: AAA Members Get Free Maps & Guidebooks

I have been a long-standing member of AAA for almost 2 decades. Actually, my parents first bought me a membership when I got my license so that I "had it in case I needed it" (and there have been times that I have).

It has been great if keys were locked in a car, or you were stuck in some snow outside un-plowed roads by college or you needed to be towed or some of the many other reasons you need to call AAA to come help you out.

But did you know you can get free travel guides and maps from AAA (TripTeks too!)

We are heading to PA for a family vacation this summer and by using my AAA membership to obtain tourbooks and maps I have saved myself from having to buy any.

Also, in the tourbooks it will note if you can get a AAA discount at hotels, attractions and even restaurants.

I faithfully inquire about a AAA discount at hotels, but sometimes I forget about the other places unless I notice it in the tour book.


Debi H. said...

AAA can save you money in a lot of ways! When I purchased my glasses this year my vision center gave me a 40% discount on the first pair and a 30% discount on the second pair.

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